Carpet cleaning

we use latest equipment and best products

Why have your carpets cleaned?

  • It is very important to have your carpets cleaned regulary as a carpet is a huge collector of grime, cleaning your carpets returns them to a hygienic state an has them looking an feeling great again.
  • Our cleaning equipment is the best in the industry and is designed to clean right to the base of the carpet & upholstery removing all dirt, grime, stains & bacteria, leaving them fresh and clean again.

Commercial Cleaning

  • Carpetbird also offers our carpet cleaning services to all commercial businesses form nursing homes, schools, nursery schools, hotels, pubs/clubs and offices.
  • It is very important to have carpets cleaned in your commercial property as it has a lot more foot traffic than your usual domestic property.
  • Cleaning the carpets in your commercial property will provide you with the following;
  • pro-long the life of your carpet
  • Better hygiene levels
  • Better presentation for your clients/customers
  • Has your work place looking and smelling fresh again.
  • Competitive commercial rates.